Slow heavy techno

This has got to be the formula for instant mega fame, surely?

Any comments much appreciated


Gobemouche by Duff

Absolutely banging mate.

Reminds me of magda- black room. Love the growling wee stab. Vocals are outstanding too.

nice track, great groove and percs and interesting little things going off :slight_smile:

very nice mate well impressed!! :cool::cool:

Nice vibe man… rolling to the max :cool:

Bass is fkn sick Duff - What did you use on it?

Nice job there :slight_smile:

It started out as an 808 kick with long decay> frequency shifter with lfo at 1/8. Then I bounced it and messed around with the start position. Ended up combining 2 of the same loops with different starting positions and it just turned into this monster rumble. Pure fluke.

Don’t try this at home :slight_smile:

[quote]duffdeal (02/08/2011)[hr]Pure fluke.


Fluke the EDM producers bestfriend :wink:

Cool - that sounds good man :smiley:

As long as its mono - theres no such thing as bad bass!

You can get some nice stuff too by throwing 2 pitched down drum loops with the top rolled off & smashed together - then sidechained.

Its funny how an utter mess can sound so fkn beautiful.

That bass sounds like an ogre “harumphing” - perfect!

Enjoyed that.

very nice stomping techno! love it, nice break in the middle too:D

Wicked track again matey keep them coming!

Great beat, and I like the parts where it sounds like someone laughing… :laugh:

Thanks for all the listens

really love this tune man. it’s fat, chunky and slow driving dark vibe is very intoxicating.:cool: