Slyneth 1 Preset - Prophetic steps

after doing a bit of work on the Prodigy tutorial i came across a sound in Firestarter that was the first preset off the old Korg Prophecy…

after a bit of twiddling i managed to get something sorta close.

just thought id share

save the file and in Sylenth go to Menu>Load Preset

Will deffo check that out! You guys are quick on the Prodigy tutorial. Any chance that Graham is finishing up with his funky breaks tutorial? I know there are a lot of us non 4/4 peeps awaiting patiently!


OMG!! Can’t wait! smack my beats up! :crazy:

that .fxp isn’t showing up for me when I try to charge it via sylenth…


Thanks to you guys, I purchased Sylenth today. Wow…thanks a ton!


And thanks for the preset :slight_smile:

Avesta, are you on a Mac? If so, make sure that the file extension is on the file after downloading. example “prophetic.fxp” not just “prophetic”. I only say this because that’s what I did just now by mistake.