Small feature request for the click/start parameter

It’s only possible to move the click backwards (to the left). Would it be complicated to implement that you can also move it to the right (negative values)?

Sometimes you need to give the click also a delay for double trigger sounds or to add interesting noise that is shortly after the attack.

I have to import all my custom clicks/noise sounds with a silent before them because of that.


You mean KICK 2 I suppose :slight_smile:

The post was sent into the main Beta Tester Area.

Let me know if you’re testing & talking about the latest KICK 2 v1.10 b3 so that I can move your post in the appropriate topic for a follow up by the dev. team.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh sorry. Yes Kick2 of course. :slight_smile:


OK, topic moved in KICK 2 Beta Tester Area :slight_smile: