Snare/Clap layering

Hey guys. I notice in the videos, especially the new electro house ones that there is about 5 snares & claps together.

I presume this is to add a more interesting sound & to make it stand out more. When ever I check the Ableton project I notice that there is not overly much EQing going on when there is 5 claps.

Yes there is a high pass filter on a couple to stop the bottom end creeping up with each other so can I presume when ever you get to about 1KHZ+ you don’t need to eq each sound to make sure they don’t overlap?

Also I’m thinking as well that you can use this amount of snares/claps is because in this type of electro house because you generally have short stabby sounds so this must mean there is more space in the mix for a bigger snare.

^^ Essay:P

Thanks for any helpfull replys:)

i lay and tweak sounds until they sound how i want them to sound. there is no rule as such u do it till it sounds right if no eqing sounds right then thats cools if you need to eq then get onto it. i try and dip the frequency where the kick hits just to give the kick a bit more room