"So Cold"

Hey all . . .

for those of you that remember - i posted a track up a couple of months back called " weak " - the tune has been signed to a label called Whartone Records and will be released in June - so thanks for your comments and input with the progress on that track!

I have since been working on a new tune (link below) . . . again, have a listen and check it out! i’d be grateful for your input . . .

" So Cold " by bobbylickrish

Cheers all

Bobby Lickrish

congratulations bobby thats cool, on your new track i would say that it needs more variation or changes to it , i felt like it got a little repetitive towards the end. nice work though

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your congrats.

With the newun - you are right! Will try to mix it up a bit . . . hoping that when the vocal is down that will help.

Cheers again