So I finally subscriped but

This seems like a really nice place to study music production. Think I’m gonna spend a lot of long hours around here.

I hope that this place will grow fast and hope for some more in depth tutorials on Reason and Ableton. I still have yet to buy Ableton but expect to do so in February next year. So will there be more courses to each sequencer?

The “but”

Sitting here downloading a module/video and it’s running on 69,5 kb/sec. That is really really slow. I have a 20 Mbit connection so I’m not very patient hehe. Is this just a temporary thing?

Thanks to the people behind the site. Really enjoying what you have to offer so far. Just hope there will be more :cool:



yeah that seems quite slow…

anyone else care to post speeds?

Get between 150kb - 200kb (but I’m also in the States).

Nothing too terrible.