So i guess this is it SA! i am done!

what happened to SA?. back when i started my subscription ( 2 years ago ) i seen some really new content coming out every month , or even week. now the new content takes more than 2 months and even 3 months .

and the quality of those tutorials are not that great either like they used to be .

that new tutorial in Reason supposed to be the New Deep House Tutorial promised? Come on!!!

we need more advance tutorials.

my subscription is about to run out and i sincerely feel that it is not worth my money to renew it again. unless you guys start working more and putting new content once a month

Sorry to hear your not enjoying the tutorials.

The recent reason one is not the deep house tutorial that was been talked about. It is still in production and will be in ableton.

Maybe just take a break and subscribe again when something you are into comes up.

Any time frame on the deep house one Phil?

All i can tell you at the moment is Graham is still working on it.

for me SA has been best resource to learning to produce electronic music. next to ableton live it’s been my best investment. like anything it can always get better but i’m a very satisfied customer. i wish i had an opportunity like this years ago…


[quote]cosmic_artistry (21/02/2012)[hr] i’m a very satisfied customer[/quote]


[quote]willidaniel (21/02/2012)[hr][quote]cosmic_artistry (21/02/2012)[hr] i’m a very satisfied customer[/quote]



It would be nice if the level of detail for the new deep house tutorial started where the previous one left off

I love the vids but there is a lot of repetition in terms of a lot of the techniques. I personally would like a more concise tutorial at an advanced level. I appreciate that everyone is at different levels but there are quite a lot of vids that more than cater for the beginner / intermediate level.

My problem would be if further tutorials will all be made using the ANA synth. If so , i will quit my subscription as well.

[quote]bogdi47 (01/03/2012)[hr]My problem would be if further tutorials will all be made using the ANA synth. If so , i will quit my subscription as well.[/quote]

most of our current videos are constructed with Sylenth as the baseline.

we find sylenth a little limited as to what we can achieve however so starting to use ANA for our tutorials would provide the upgrade we need to provide higher quality sounds. - and it is significantly cheaper to buy which makes it easier for everyone on the wallet.


your gonna have a problem if sonic use the ANA synth in future tutorials!! :w00t:

it absolutely blows sylenth out the water

bring on ANA

f*****g love it

initially I had the same reaction of ‘oh great now i’ve ought to buy another synth to follow SA tuts’. however, i totally dig ANA. the fact that there is an advanced noise oscillator with all kinds of different noise samples and a 4th oscillator with specific attack sounds. also the chord tool comes in handy and the G env is pretty sweet although i’d like to be able to do curves on it. i like having curves available on the envelopes. there’s probably more i’ll like as i get into it…

anyway, i get the frustration but for me I found acquiring ANA is worth the investment and i can’t wait to see it put to use in the tuts.

It was inevitable that Sonic tutorials would now use ANA instead of Sylenth. It will only increase sales of ANA!

Sorry to be a sceptic but to say Sylenth is limiting (Bryan) is a joke!

Compared to ANA… Its massively limited

No. Just no.

It sure has more features but Sylenth offers me the force I need. Try comparing them using a spectrum.

Best virtual analog synth out there.

It’s not limited at all .