So my account is gone?!

So I cannot log-in, thankfully i can still post on the forum, as this forum has always said I am logged out, but still allowed me to post. I tried the ‘reset password’ function and it said that there was no account associated with my email address. This is quite frustrating as I have just subscribed a week or two ago and I don’t believe this to be very acceptable service =[

Anything that can be done to help would be much appreciated.


Yeah its a site wide issue… we are looking in to it.

sorry normal service will resume asap

Same ere mate! No probs.

Yeah this sucks. I had my morning planned around watching videos. Hope they get it fixed asap.

same problem :S we just have to wait

yeah sorry guys! something gone fishy with the log in… not connecting properly. we are working to get it fixed as soon as pos… cheers for patients!!

me too. and yet, i am posting somehow…

Phil so you know it’s letting everyone log into the forum, even though ti gives the error.

I can watch some but not all of the videos, and certainly can’t download anything - it adds it to my shopping basket, certain videos bring up the “please subscribe” page.

very odd.

yeah… we where testing download functionality which seems to have broke something and we aren’t sure which bit.

We have the guys trying to figure the whole thing out…

hope no one pressed the big red “dont presss this” button that explodes the site.


apologies guys!

got it back up