So what do you think about subscriber videos?


Let me introduce myself - My name is Anthon, I’m 21 years old and I live in Belgium.

My interests in life are music, audio and analog synthesizers! No DJing, sorry…

I played piano since I was a small kid, and I’m kinda trying to make music since I was 19. Now I’m a studying for an audio tech, and next year, going to study musical producing.

My gear: a Laptop with Live, couple of ADAM A7 monitors, Novation Bass Station, DSI Prophet 08, Motu Midi interface, Kelstone.

I’m getting soon: Behringer BCF2000, Motu 828 mkII, DIY real analog modular synth (YUsynth) :w00t:

On my wishlist: Moog Little Phatty, DIY midi-CV/gate interface, DIY SID Synthesizer (8bit sound)

I also owned Jp8000, Virus B, Korg Radias, Korg Karma

(in case you have question about this stuff)

I would love to exchange some experience I have and to learn more from other people!

I’m here to learn, so I was wondering what you think about about subscriber videos? Are they good?

Because I bought couple of books - was really dissapointed in them, I felt ripped off!

Don’t get me wrong - it’s not about the money, I have cash to spend, it’s about feeling ripped off!

So what do you think?

The skills that I lack are mostly drums and arranging, I think.

videos are top notch. I’ve bought lessons, books, and dvds. Sonic academy is the best source fro learning I have found. Perhaps music college is better, but as for price goes, you can not top SA.

Welcome and have fun. If you have any good advice, post it on the forums.

Sonic Academy Subscriber videos are amazing, value for money, full of information, easy to follow and understand.

You won’t find better anywhere else.

Nice to hear really! I think I’ll subscribe as soon possible - probably this weekend.

Even a full time colledge can suck - my third year at audio tech will begin next year, and I feel that I haven’t learned jack sht… first years was nothing but science and other crap - VERY DAMN HARD TOO, only 10% has passed, including me - I think I was lucky…

Second year we learned couple of basic things - how to connect a mic and how to open a session in Protools… LMAO. Still f
cking hard - again, 10% or the 10% have passed to the next year - 1 student, lol… not me - I still have to redo some of the exams, but I’ll be fine.

Well, it’s would be stupid to stop now… I only hope the third year will be more educational.

+1 for what roben said

It’s “La creme de la creme” (damn… 1st time i speak french on the forum lol …yes I’m french:Whistling: …nobody’s perfect…:smiley: )

I agree with the frenchie, it’s “Le Poulet et Frites”, it’s “Le Bibliotheque”, it’s “Le boulangerie”.

And thats about the limit of my french.


Okay - now I’m officially a subscriber :slight_smile:

I think I’ll begin with electro house tutorial.