So where is everyone?

just wondering hmmmm :hehe:

Yeah the forum had been kind of dead lately.  :unsure:

We all raving at the SA party cruise - did you not the invite - shame :smiley:

I’ve decided to give up Forums for my New Years resolution.

The people you meet on them are utter scum. Havent met one friend :smiley:

Google Images FTW :wink:

Ever thought its just your personality ICN :smiley:

Often :slight_smile:

I look, but just haven’t felt that I’ve had anything good to contribute lately. Guess its just laziness or the carbon monoxide leak in my apartment.:pinch:

i did turn off wifi on my mac so i dont go on net when im in studio :slight_smile:

Yeah it seems everyone is asking boring music technology questions… we need a new scandal or something.

maybe one of yous could make a video with some criminal activity in the background then we could get the mob back together and burn some **** out.

so… yepp… its cold outside!.. and meantime in russia

Aw mate… thats hilarious :smiley:

I wanna move to Russia…

[quote]jjdejong0 (12/02/2012)[hr]I wanna move to Russia…[/quote]

Commie :slight_smile:

[quote]jjdejong0 (12/02/2012)[hr]I wanna move to Russia…[/quote]

it was about dam time son !

im polish so i dont trust russians :wink: or their vodka

[quote]swier (14/02/2012)[hr]im polish so i dont trust russians :wink: or their vodka[/quote]

fair point :slight_smile:

Been quite bored of the forum in recent months lol

[quote]Roben (14/02/2012)[hr]Been quite bored of the forum in recent months lol[/quote]

that lol

its been really quiet only been having a look maybe twice a week if that and nothing new seems to appear been fook all of intrest tutorial wise either for ages

yo sup