Software for Very simple re-edits**advice**

hello all.

does anyone know of where/how i can find definitive information on how to do extremely simple re-edits from existing mp3s (i.e. removing 16 bars here/adding 16 bars from chorus there)? i thought this would be a breeze with ableton and so i purchased modules from sonic. however, here is what is occurring:

  1. load track into ableton
  2. warp mp3 according to module instructions
  3. use loop feature to add extra bars (rearrange in general)
  4. render re-edited version to desktop as wav file
  5. import wav file into serato
  6. serato reads file as corrupt (which means no cue points can be saved for live mixing). there is also clipping heard in serato but not in ableton.

    many djs re-edit songs to fit there sets. which software is the best to achieve this simply and effectively? if it’s ableton, can anyone point me to the place where i can learn how to do it?

ableton should defiantly do the job… im not sure whats happening on the output to make the file corrupt tho.

you could try opening it in an audio editor and re-save it.

audacity is free and works well Audacity download |