Software of hardware?

I am new to music production and I was just wondering…is there hardware available to produce sounds as the likes of the presets in synth software?

I am interested in purchasing Nexus or something alike to get the ‘Trance sound’ in my tracks, although I’d rather build similar sounds from scratch rather than the set presets they provide.

What hardware is available to create my own synth?

I may be talkin utter crap but I’m clueless!..any help would be much appreciated!


Its ok bro. Everyone has to start somewhere. It is the other way around. All the software out there usually tries to emulate or recreate the sound of analog synthesizers because of their sound and their “warmth”. Purchasing a hardware synth costs alot of money, so I would personally hold off on buying one unless you are 100% dedicated into making music. For the time being, I would suggest getting a copy of the Suite version of Ableton Live which includes a ton of effects and software synthesizers. I would also purchase a copy of FXpansions DCAM Synth Squad. It is an unbelievable software synthesizer and is capable of so much. Throughout time, you can always add to your collection of gear, but in the mean time, that will start you well on your way to making amazing music. I would subscribe to this site and it will put you on the fast track to learning the ins and outs of music production. Good luck, welcome to the site, and ask questions. We are all here to help one another out.

I have purchased a years subscription to this site and also Ableton suite live 8, however I am struggling to find any decent sound in the library provided within suite. Can you give me the whereabouts please?

Thanks for the reply.

i’ve only just started out myself and tryed various soft syths (including the ableton instruments) and found sylenth the easiest to use and to be honest i was really struggling before i got it i also think its best to find a synth your comfortable with and stick with it i’ve spent a lot of money on software i cant really use yet as i dont have a clue which is money i’d of been better off spending on a decent midi controller but thats inexperience for you lol:D

I will say that Sylenth is very easy to use and it sounds great. Watch the videos on this site. Get DCAM. It sounds amazing and you can create just about any sound. Sound design isnt easy. Pick up “The Dance Music Manual” by Rick Snoman and it should make things a touch clearer.

ok, thanks.

Yeah I agree with Howie. It’s worth mentioning maybe though that as you progress you will soon want to use presets less, and star engineering our own sounds (which I assume is what howie is suggesting too).

For example, analogue and operator, that both come with Ableton suite can seem a bit empty when you first start out, but give it a bit of time, and you’ll soon realise the power that both of those synths hold.

For me the most important thing was learning what everything did. Once you’ve mastered that, you are a long way to being able to create awesome sounds by design, rather than chance, and that is a truly wonderous thing.

Also, dont be afraid to layer your sounds. By doing this and mixing the levels, you get a different effect to the track and you can create some interesting sounds.

ok thanks again for your advice!