Software Training - Ableton Live 9 Beginner Level 2 / 324


Over the next 18 videos we will taking you through the key areas of Ableton Live's latest release Live 9.


This is the beginner Level 2 course where we continue on from where Level 1 finished off.


In this course we will be covering some of Ableton Live 9's Audio FX tools such as the Auto Filter, Reverb, Delay and Compressor along with taking a look at Send & Return FX channels.

We will also cover some more advanced techniques such as creating width in our mix, using curved automation and using compressors to do side chain compression and to gel our track together.





Great videos just have a quick question, is there any need to use the session view, you can create the whole track in the arrangement view, whats the benefit of using both or is it just down to preference?

These new Live 9 sessions are the bomb. Keep em&#039 coming!! I&#039m hungry for more.

On Tutorial Nr 6 - Auto Filter & FX Chains, i couldent get any sound out of my Delay. I Dunow if you guys are gettin the same problem. But it is solved by goin back to the Session View & on your Delays &#034Send&#034 to your right, right click & choose &#034Enable All Sends&#034 :)

Sorry, what i said about Sends is wrong. Just had to drag the delay to &#034Drop audio effects here&#034 as usual, or a free &#034Clip Slot&#034. Thanks for the great Tutorials. Im just progressing alil slow, coz used to &#034Orion Studio&#034 which is more like a more practical version of FL Studio. ;)

Cool Track, awesome sounds, riffs and melodies,great mix - Thanks Bryan!

I learnt a lot. Thank you!

excellent throughout, these videos really do provide a solid blueprint for producing a professional sounding club track in any genre, the info on master compression right at the end is priceless.

many thanks.

Brilliant course, changed my outlook on becoming a producer and moved my tracks forward so much, feel confident in going in and doing things around Ableton now, recommend to anyone 10/10!

Getting an error when I try to download the files: <Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Request has expired</Message><RequestId>E3524063AAD47135</RequestId><Expires>2014-01-09T18:26:25Z</Expires><HostId>VhJsrS0MEEcZzCNRDf8juQHugX8sdb7AXAXkcqHTI6Na+3bmVr9u4vKxoIaiOnug</HostId><ServerTime>2014-01-09T19:04:29Z</ServerTime></Error>

never mind previous comment, it works now

Two problems so far. First is: I have no option to Group the FX Tracks. When I highlight both tracks, right click on track name, there is no option to group. Second: The Clap Reverb.aif sample is not in the file I downloaded? Thanks

Sorry,forgot to download the file with the samples in it. I was still in level 1 mode :) The Group problem still stands though.

In the Reverb Video after you send the kick to A Reverb (3 Min In), what are you pressing to preview your drum while selected on Reverb A. I want to be able to preview the sound of the drums while change all the parameters so i can hear how each one affects the sound and I'm not able to. I press every key on the keyboard and none of the drums play.

Is it just my computer or are these videos not working today for everyone?

should be working - can you refresh?

Great tutorial Bryan!. Just one question. Is there any other way to increase the Gain for mastering than using the limiter?. I have ableton live 9 lite and it doesn't come with limiter.

Between this and the beginner 1 these tutorials have been amazing. I was always stuck with my work without some sort of logical progression and not really having a feel for Live. But in a manner of days I feel far more confident in how to approach and tailor my work now. Huge thumbs up!

Is it just me or is there no Synth 2 samples in the downloadable folders? Im missing it entirely underneath "Instruments".

Might be a silly question, but is there any particular reason why in tutorial 15 (width using delay) you don't seperate the synths using both left and right? Im curious as to why they all get panned to the right only with delay?