Solo piano - After the Storm - Hello from New User

Hello everyone! I just recently joined Sonic Academy and am really enjoying going through the tutorials. I want to learn as much as I can about electronic music and am working on starting some new tracks. I the meantime, I wanted to say hi and thought I would share an older solo piano piece that I wrote. I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hi @jwnicholson & welcome to Sonic Academy Website & forums again :slight_smile:

There’s also a topic for new users to say Hello to the community here if you wish to use it :wink:

Very great piece of music, quite changing from the electronic music that the site is dedicated to BTW,
but yes, really nice piano piece. I can see that you’re a trained pianist and musician writing such a piece and checking your YT channel.

A plan to go for electronic music or just wishing to learn more about DAWs & music production software ?? What’s your DAW of choice BTW ? I saw that “Clearwater” track done on FL Studio Mobile… :wink:

Cheers !

Hi @Tekalight, Thanks for checking out my song and pointing me to the new user forum. I’ll stop by there as well.

I’m really interested in shifting directions towards electronic music. I am listening more to it these days and Clearwater was my first attempt, though I don’t know much about it yet. That’s why I am really excited about Sonic Academy.

I used to use Cakewalk but haven’t used it much recently. I found FL Studio Mobile and played with that for a bit and the desktop version fo FL Studio 20, since it seemed more geared to electronic music than Cakewalk. So I have been mostly playing with that these days.


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You’re at the right place then ! :smile:

You should check those FL Studio 12 & 20 courses perhaps :wink:

and from this page you can use filters & search field to find course by genre, software…etc.

Thanks! I’ll look into them.

I also started to watch the brand new Paolo Mojo How to make “Kangiten” course How To Make Kangiten with Paolo Mojo | Tutorial 01 - Intro and Playthrough and even if it’s done under Logic Pro X, I think it’s a very good one to look at in terms of relation between classical music theory and electronic music as well as very good practice in terms of workflow and habits that you can apply within any DAW software.

Plus the track is really musical, Paolo Mojo is not releasing tracks in quantity but focus more on quality and this one is no exception ! And finally there’s the opportunity to enter the remix competition :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Yeah, I was listened to that one when it first showed up on the home page. It’s a great track. I thought i would do that one after I get a little more comfortable in FL Studio.