( Solved in v2.0.98 ) ANA 2 Mod Matrix drop down menus going off screen (high DPI display, Windows)

Well I’m not sure where to post issues with ANA 2, so I’ll start here.
The most important problem I’m facing with ANA 2 is that inside the Modulation Matrix, the dropdown menu to select the destination is too long and it goes outside the screen, so I cant select the options at the bottom.

I think it would help to have the menu centered compared to the GUI, instead of starting at the mouse pointer.

Hey there @gabrielgarcia

Have you tried different skin resolutions from the settings ? The drop down menu to select destination on the Mod Matrix should adapt it’s position relative to the position of ANA 2 GUI, but it shouldn’t go off screen. At a max skin resolution of 150%, the drop down gets a scrolling arrow at top or bottom and at lower size, the all drop down menu should position either up or down depending where ANA 2 is positioned on your screen.

Make sure you’re using the latest version 2.0.94 as well, there were some adjustments for smaller screens I believe.

Hi Tekalight, thanks for the quick response.

Ok, so I investigated a little bit further after reading your post, and I discovered something interesting.
The problem seems to be present when the Windows display scaling option is set above 100%.
I’m using a 4k monitor with 150% display scaling, but tried 125% and the problem seems to be there too: ANA2 does not detect anymore display size (or borders) nor GUI position (drop down menus always start at the mouse pointer).
However, it works as you described if the display scaling is set to 100%.

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What DAW and version are you using and what’s your computer OS, Mac or Win + version ?

Don’t have this issue here, been looking at this with Ableton Live 10.1.30 under MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

I’m seeing the issue inside FL Studio 20.7.3 under Windows 10 (Version 2004) 64 bits, ANA2 v2.0.94. In Ableton the drop down menus work fine, although the UI looks blurry compared to FL Studio.

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For the blurry display inside Ableton, I’ve seen a similar issue on the forums, check this post and try to disable the “Auto-Scale Plug-in Window” option.

For the issue under FL, it might have to do with Plugin Scaling options, I will have a look under a Win 10 machine, but would suggest to refer to this Image Line support link to start with, from there it will point you to the matching areas of the manual and the available settings & tweaks.

Will update the topic once I’ve checked on my end as well.


So I’ve taken a look at this under a Windows 10 machine using the latest 20.7.3 FL Studio and I didn’t have issues with the drop down menu going out of screen. For me it will reset it’s position each time and when I click on different Modulation slots inside the Mod Matrix area, either I’ll have a full display of the drop down or it will resolve to a smaller frame but then there’s the scrolling arrow appearing allowing me to browse through the all list, but again, it never goes off screen limits.

I haven’t changed any settings in the general FL GUI parameters or within ANA 2 Plugin settings, here’s what I have by default and I did move ANA 2 plugin at the bottom and out of my screen on purpose and the drop down menu was still always visible.

While this was tested under a Windows Pro 10 X64 ( latest version & up to date ) I don’t think that makes a difference, but the interesting bit might be in the screen resolution itself IMO. I’m using a 27-inch (2560 x 1440) monitor, not a 4K display and checking this specific section of FL manual, I can read that they mentioned things about using larger or smaller displays. That’s in the section "4. Rescaling VST plugins2. Change display resolution " but there’s also more info on this all VST scaling topic.

So it could very well comes down to your screen higher resolution and that’s the place I would suggest to investigate. You can also upload a screen shot of what’s exactly happening on your end to get a better idea for S.A team if they need to dive into this further.

For S.A team : @phil_johnston it might be worth to take a look at how the GUI scaling behaves on 4K monitors, especially when using FL Studio, however I think there was an update for this since v2.0.3 release already.

I was able to reproduce the issue on a 1920x1080px machine too, same OS same DAW.
The difference with your test is that you need to set the “Main GUI scaling” to 125% or 150% inside FL Studio.

This is how the issue looks (no scrolling arrow):

(screenshot taken on my higher resolution display)

As you can see, the drop down menu seems to extend below the task bar.

As a side note, everything else seems to be ok, the 1.5x scaling applied by the host looks great, the text is sharp (unlike Ableton).

Recommended values from Image Line is to use 100% for this Main GUI scaling, then in the section I pointed you to previously, there’s a mention of higher resolution screens shrinking VST plugins and making custom display presets, that’s where it might need to be tweaked.

Quote from Image Line

“4. Rescaling VST plugins - High resolution monitors will shrink VST plugin interfaces. NOTE: To ensure the plugin always loads with the correct GUI settings, make a favorite preset after setting these options:
External window - For use with bridged plugins. It can be used to correct plugins that appear too small. NOTE: Deselect the Wrapper Menu option ‘DPI aware when bridged’ first.
VST plugins WITH native rescaling - Select Wrapper processing > Make bridged ON and Wrapper settings > DPI aware when bridged ON. NOTE: You should check your plugin manual for information on how to use its own scaling settings.
VST plugins WITHOUT native rescaling - Bridging opens the plugin outside FL Studio so it can respond to Windows System scaling. Select Wrapper processing > Make bridged ON and Wrapper processing > External window ON plus Wrapper settings > DPI aware when bridged OFF. NOTE: The ‘Make bridged’ option won’t show if the plugin is already bridged. If this is the case, you can proceed without setting it. Also, please take the time and contact the VST plugin developer and request they support VST Scaling.”

It’s more user friendly readable online here ( same link as previous one ).

Thanks. I’ve tried all the options there with the same result. I don’t think the recommended value is 100% (text is tiny and unreadable on a 4K 27" display like mine). So, for high DPI displays it’s necesary some kind of upscaling/stretching.
The online manual you referenced says “Main GUI Scaling (requires FL Studio restart) - Normally leave this set to System and all other related controls set to Main, so they follow system scaling too.” which is how I actually use it, and has the same effect as setting it to 150%, since I’m using 150% scaling under my Windows display settings.

I would like to add that I don’t have this problem with other plugins I tried so far. For example OB-XD from discoDSP scales as well using the “Main GUI Scaling”, but detects correctly where the display ends:

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Ah yes, I can now see that we might have different results since you’re scaling Windows to 150% in the OS settings. I’m using a standard configuration on my end, no Windows scaling at all. Then you leave FL General settings to “system” to follow the OS, which makes sense.

I will try to replicate this using the same settings and see if I have the same issue and if any Plugin parameters scaling option seems to work or not.

Hi again @gabrielgarcia

So yes, I’ve been trying to replicate this under Windows 10 using either Windows OS settings scaling or by modifying the Main GUI scaling value via the general FL Studio settings and I did have the same results as you this time.

The Drop Down list from the Mod Matrix area appears truncated, no re-scaling is happening and the scrolling down arrows are also not present which makes it impossible to browse through the all list. I also had an unstable behavior where sometimes I was able to scroll down through the Drop Down list using the mouse wheel but not always reaching the end of the list and most of the time the Drop Down window will just appear static with no way to browse through it’s content.

For S.A team : @bryan_spence & @phil_johnston if you guys could have a look into this, I think it’s an issue, wasn’t able to fix this by tweaking FL studio parameters.

Tested under Win 10 X64 latest and FL studio X64 latest 20.7.3 ( release 1033 ) with ANA 2 v2.0.94 X64 Plugin.

Way to replicate :

1st Option : Modify the OS scaling via Windows Settings Display option and set it to a value above 100% ( tried both 125% & 150 % ) and then in FL studio under the General Settings keep the “Main GUI scaling” values to default, using the “System” value so that it reflects Windows OS previous scaling.

2nd Option : Leave the Windows OS scaling value to 100% and directly make the change from the FL General Settings and apply a value above 100% for the “Main Gui Scaling”.

Note : any change to the “Main GUI scaling” value requires FL to be closed/reopened in order to be reflected.

Tweaking different options in ANA 2 plugin window settings ( like using the plugin in bridge mode or modifying options like "DPI aware when bridged or “Invalidate Editor” or “Scale editor dimensions” ) did not solve the problem.

For info & in comparison, I was able to set the “Main Gui scaling” value to 125% or 150% inside FL under MacOS 10.13.6 and after relaunching FL, it will just work fine and the Drop Down list will appear resized with the scrolling arrow available.

So there’s definitely an issue under Windows when using a different scaling than 100% either from the OS or directly within the DAW. Also, both on Windows or MacOS, when clicking on each of the available 16 Macro Matrix or Mod Matrix lines, then the Drop Down list is displayed at a different position each time, maybe a fix position would be better if possible to implement.

@Tekalight Thanks for taking the time to test this!

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No worries, thank you for reporting the issue :wink:

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Solved in v2.0.98 !


Thanks for your feedback :thumbsup:

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