( Solved in v2.0.98 ) : Bug: UI -> Menu selectors -> State and UI are out of sync


  1. Open new instance of ANA2.
  2. Init preset.
  3. OSC 1 → click “SAW” to change waveform.
  4. Go to text field, put “101”.
  5. At this point an option “Saw 101” looks like it is “selected”, “current”.
  6. Double click on “Saw 101” to choose this waveform for an OSC.
  7. Wavetables menu closes, waveform is not chosen.

To make it work, it is required to choose in wavetables menu any other wavetable, before clicking on “Saw 101”.

Windows 10 20H2, Ableton Live 10.
VST2, VST3 64 bit.


Thanks for reporting this & the detailed feedback :thumbsup:

I was also able to replicate this on MacOS ( High Sierra 10.13.6 ) and Live 10.10.35 on both VST 2 / VST 3 following your scenario description.

Happening with other waveform file as well and when you don’t go via the “Init Preset” step before, it seems to happen often for each 1st waveform that will popup from a text search, if you choose another one than the 1st in the list it will work.

  1. OSC 1 → click “SAW” to change waveform.
  2. Go to text field, put any text.
  3. Selecting the 1st waveform appearing in the list generated from the txt search.
  4. OSC 1 Waveform won’t refresh.
  5. Selecting another waveform than the 1st one in the list works.
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