SOLVED Website crashed - reward points are gone

SOLVED: it seems the payment worked anyway, I got the mail confirmation from PayPal and the download mail.

But really, your website has problems!


This time I wanted to buy Kick2, but as I placed the order with PayPal, the website crashed. As I tried it again, most of my reward points are gone. I made a screenshot as the website crashed, so I can show you, how many points I had before! FL Studio crashes with the demo, your website crashes if I want to buy, perhaps I shouldn’t buy …

Hey there @JohnK

Sorry for the delayed reply, is everything in order now ?
No issues with the website reported from other members BTW, so it’s hard to tell what could have been wrong at this time, we all know that ISPs and the Internet is under load these days, could be just an access/performance drop.

What’s your config MAC or PC & web browser BTW ? After the issue with FL studio & Kick 2 demo and now this Web browser crash ( because it’s most likely what’s happening in such case, it’s the browser on the computer which crashes, not the web site actually ) might be good to check your side of things IMO. OS updates, cache cleaning and regular maintenance tasks helps to maintain a reliable config.

Getting back to your previous post abut FL studio crash with Kick 2 demo as well :wink:

My PC works fine and is good configured with all current updates, I’m the system administrator for a company and I take care of their website, too! And I’m daily online on many different websites. And I tried it again and bought some expansions for Kick2, too. Your webside crashes again after I placed the order. And sometimes it tooks a long time after Log In, too.

So, if hundreds of websites are working fine, ti’s not the users or browsers fault, if one doesn’t! :wink:

But the purchase worked again like with Kick2, so I have no problem with that.

Hmm that’s weird…
Thank for the feedback BTW.

At which step of the purchase process does this happen exactly ?
What browser are you using ?

Pointing this to support : FYI → @bryan_spence Any idea what could be going on ? Looks weird.

Like written, I made a screenshot exactly at the moment it crashes. I’m not at home now, but I can send you that screenshot later per mail. You’re from the support team, right?

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I’m only a forum’s moderator :wink:
Will reach support and ask if they plan to investigate this further & if they need a screenshot I’ll let you know via PM.

  • Don’t upload it here since the forums are on public access for reading, so don’t share private info on your account here.

Edit : you can also open a ticket with support using the Submit a Request link from the support page and attached your screenshot with a reference to this topic.