Some feedback please


For over the last two weeks I’ve been working on this song, overall I’m happy with the result. Maybe anyone got some feedback or some tips for me? Thanks already!!

Good, but always could be better. Leave the track as it is (art is never complete), move on, do more things, you’ll make a hit track if you put the effort.


anyone else?

C’mon guys, 53 views no feedback?

Can’t see the tack or a link to the track…

Ah, after reloading it was there.

Like the pads, but when listening to the entire track, I feel like there something missing or as if it’s not a whole. Do you understand?

Are those bleeps around 0:55 in the same key as the pad is?

Besides that, it might be that it’s not groovin’ enough. But that could be intentional.

Youre right about the arrangement, It sounds a bit like two different songs, not my strongest point arrangement. I work with velocity and swing etc. to create a groove, but still it sounds a bit static. Anyway, thnx for listening to it!

Hats sound crappy. They sound robotic. Move them a few milliseconds off beat, it makes a difference. Adjust the velocities. EQ a bit, theyre kinda harsh.

Pads sound great, lush warm and euphoric. The breakdown is really quiet though, look at your volume peaks throughout the song. I’d up the breakdown volume a bit, unless you intended it that way.

Overall its a decent mix, but its missing “something”. I can’t tell you that something, because Im not a pro music producer just a music lover. That something is for you to find out as a producer :smiley:

BTW, before asking in your own thread for more feedback, give more feedback to others. Ive only posted 3 of my songs here, and Ive replied to over 25 songs.

Thnx for your feedback!! definetely agree about the hats and the arrangement. I gave feedback to other people but I didn’t receive anything back that’s why I aked for it. I really think there must come a system where you have to give feedback to at least (for example) 4 to 5 people before you can post your own track. Anyway, thnx for taking the time!

I see what everyone else is talking about, cant put my finger on it but something is definately missing with this track.

Have you tried things like looking through vocal sample packs and trying some heavily reverberated vocals on the top of it? Female raspy vocals would sound good with a track like this IMO.

Aside from that definately agree with gpham’s hats advice. Try doing more with your hats as well, like tweak its groove as the track progresses.

Theres a weird bloopy bass element in there somewhere that sorta mucked up the sound a little as well? Maybe a piece of percussion with some bass needs some low cut filtering cause it mucks up the rest of the bassline whenever it hits every few bars or so. Or maybe its just my headphones being weird.

I wil keep keep all the advice in my mind!