Some Prog House

I love Blue Amazon kinda in that vein here, any feedback on the song or the mix appreciated

Prog House Tune



I like it!

This is my first comment on a post, but for feedback, I would say the last drop has too much going on

The first drop was A1, and then it builds up to add more elements, then crashes

I think the last drop should sounds something more similar to the first drop, maybe with less cymbals/hats from the get go. I think it would help with the flow of it. Anyways, nice track man !

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Sorry for very late reply.

It’s a nice track, good choice of sounds and well balanced mixing wise, so nice work for this :+1:

Arrangement wise, I agree with @fred7667 the progression is broken, last part of the intro ( after 1:15 ) might not be necessary before the 1st drop that only kicks in at around 1:45 and then after you’re slowing down the beat or taking it away ( i.e at around 2:30 ) and those variations are breaking the build up and listener attention IMO.

So yes, there’s plenty of space for adding more elements and a better build up along the track :wink:

But cool track yep :sunglasses: