Some things you can do with ANA

So i wanted to post a little preview of a track im working on and i thought it would be cool to post it here because all the synth sounds in the track are made with the ANA. I havent done any sort of mixdown yet apart from just setting the levels and putting a limiter on the master. I wanted the ANA sounds to be as pure as possible.

But its a very nice synth and you can get some huge sounds out of it, i think this is a nice little demo of what it can do, enjoy!

Nice one! Lovin that riff… Really catchy.

Thnx Phil, i hope this gives people an idea of what ANA can sound like in a track and convince some people to buy this synth and support SA :slight_smile:

Sounds great! I love that!

really nice bass, how did you go about making it? So far all I know how to make are fast and slow basses

It was done using the ANA dubstep preset basses, just mix and match and eq/compress em a little etc.