Some tips pleae


At the moment I’m working on this song, but I have some trouble. I’m not really satisfied with the hats that come in after the second break, because they are the same as before the break. I’m also having some trouble keep the song interesting for at least six minutes. Does anyone have some tips or advice for me? I’m really at a dead for this moment.

Thanks alreay!!

1:20 has a heavy sweet bassline!


Sounds chilli and very nice. but your right it have to happen something after a while. Some cool sweet synthapreggios like a kind of hook melody doesnt have to be sofisticated but it need to have a brilliant sound, some pecussions with sometimes a litle delay (of course carfully and soft introduced)working together. yeah you have to found the right feeling, that you creat somehow something you can grab but still has to fit in the atmosphere of the tune.

Thank you very much!!

It is a very nice track! I really feel the bassline… I am new to production myself, so any tips I can come with will really only be off what I think when I am listening to it…

So, I was thinking it could use maybe some more drum kicks and a snare maybe… a groovy synth maybe on top… same tip that I got really on my own…

All in all, I think it sounds quite nice… don’t always think you have to add too much, sometimes less is more…

Thanks!!! I’m working on it