Some tracks from me to you :)

Hello there,

I am not new to Sonic Academy, but until recently i didnt make any topics. I want to share with you some of my tracks . First one, I made for Syntmaster Song Contest 2018. Its not much of a track, but they found it good enough to vote it on 7th place. This one got no Sonic Academy plugins, as it was made only with Synthmaster, but i share it here anyway.

This track i released recently… more like a test. To see how it sounds on different platforms.

Tango Down (Single)

See more here:

THANKS for the great plugins, patches and samples you`ve made, and for the great help i got on this forum.


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the first track, it has everything but something is not round in how the instruments work together. can’t tell what it is but it sounds here at some points like they are on a different level of clarity and playing in different spaces which don’t really belong together. it’s not much but it doesn’t sound as good as it could.

Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I`ll check that one out.