Some upbeat progressive

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Flicker by Flaxo

Let me know what you think! It’s raining here, so I made a completely different thing than what I’m used to.

Hey man!

Its funny with both posted up some progressive this week.

Overall I like the track man! Its good stuff. The melody reminds me of Strobe a bit.

I like the synth that you used for the main melody (this is what reminds me of strobe)…

The piano at the start is good. But it would be cool if you switched from piano like half way through the track to a new synth. Something that could be introduced and make the track even more interesting. Keep the same melody, but some kind of key synth that replaces the piano synth at like 3:00 minutes in. Maby a PAD?

Your transitions are good. My favorite part is the end at 4:00 when it comes in thumping.

Drums were good on the headphones at work. I like how you did the deadmau5 reverse hi-hat thingy with the 2nd clap. It makes a track hit so much harder!

My last suggestion would be to maby add some reverse vocal sweeps or pitch risers to some of your builds. I think that might add an extra layer of fatness to the overall sound.

Good work man! And thanks again for your suggestions on my track! Going 2 do them 2night.

Look forward to the next one! I am foreseeing electro from the both of us. dunno why.