Someone Hacked the Sun

At time of writing (as I suspect this will change) has been hacked to redirect to a story about Murdoch killing himself.

That’s the kinda hacking I like to see!

Damn they already changed it fckers

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LOL @ Top Hat & Monocle :hehe:

All news international sites are down - fck u - people power ftw

Its fkn hilarious.

How confused will they & the police be in regards to who could have a possible motive. Unreal! :smiley:

At this rate there won’t be any police too investigate :smiley:

It is a house of cards. Did you see this last night?

“Former NI chief executive’s husband denies bag – containing computer, paperwork and phone – belonged to his wife”

LOL that just reeks of desperation :smiley:

Brooks - can you remember years ago that there was “something” about her & Ross Kemp (to whom she was married to at the time).

Poor fkn fella. You can appreciate (Say in a Marlon Brando voice…) The Horror that he must have went through.

Gangs / Afghanistan / Pirates = A walk in the park :w00t:

Locked in: 

Better them locked up :wink:

Slender - is that you with the shaving foam?


EDIT: updated image.

[quote]TheAnt (19/07/2011)[hr]Slender - is that you with the shaving foam?


If you mean an XML error ---- NO :stuck_out_tongue:

How the fck did he get in - anyway its amazing how little they both knew about their own company - ok Rupert you could give him the benefit of the doubt but not his son

I’ll hack your ar$e

[quote]gofunk (19/07/2011)[hr]I’ll hack your ar$e[/quote]

err Roben is in the US

Murdoch / Satan optical illusion?

They got hacked by LulzSec :smiley:

Looks like someone has hacked my iTunes account