Something old, something new

Listening on the train to my iPod on shuffle put these two beauties on back to back, and I thought it might make for an interesting thread. What track from yesteryear still makes your hairs stand on end, and which track recently released (say the last 6 months or so) has got you buzzing?

Here are mine…

Something Old…


[b]Something New...[/b]


I've put the link and the embed code above for each as I've just realised I don't really know how to embed YouTube videos into posts. Look forward to seeing the rest... ;)

To me the one track that never gets old and keeps exciting me to this day (the track that got me to say: “**** it, im producing music!” (though the download link to fruity loops did help me get there too)) is:

My new track that has me drewling is:

Asbolutely ***** amazing...

Lots of others to mention but I'll stick to these two...

Something old and giving you a summer feeling straight away:

Something new:

Dish n Tell - House of Venus (Juan Sanchez & The Man With No Shadow Remix) (BangBang!) by Juan Sanchez

Slacker - Scared (94)

Alex Metric & Steve Angelo (Original Mix) Not the terrible vocal version.

Quite simply the greatest house tune of all time.

and i’m posting a 2nd old song because i’m happiest living in the past.

[quote]phil johnston (26/03/2012)[hr]Slacker - Scared (94)

Alex Metric & Steve Angelo (Original Mix) Not the terrible vocal version.


Used to love that slacker track. R.I.P shem

Marco Bailey - Filter Bitch:

London X-Press (Old, but remix in 2009 by Steve Lawler):

Old: The Crystal Method remixed the hell out of this track. This has been one of my favorites since I heard it out for the first time in the 90’s on a large sound system.

New: I am kind of digging this track right now.


Sheer brilliance from the League. I bought the single (vinyl - yes I am that old) of this. I think I had a 12" mix EP too.

And now, kind of recent (2008 I think). Loving this but then I’ve got a soft spot for Mark Knight remixes of Underworld tracks

Nice one everyone! Some great stuff here. I’ve got another pairing of a different flavour for all us ambient heads out there (yes - both of us). :slight_smile:

Something Old

Brian Eno - Music For Airports 1/1 (sorry about the chuffing advert at the start of this...)

[b]Something New(ish)[/b]

The Dead Texan - Chronicles of Early Failures (pt. 2)

Kick back and relax my friends.

Must have mis-interpreted the Something Old part :stuck_out_tongue:

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity

Link: - YouTube

Some incredible stuff, love the fact that they apparently produced their own instruments...

A new track that caught my eye; Gemini - Nothingness. Usually produces dubstep but went with a chillout Piano track with this and its incredible IMO.
Gemini - Nothingness

I remember Grooverider always spinning this at The Blue Note, Hoxton SQ. Awesome track!

if you don’t know this one well then you just weren’t in the clubs!!


check this guy! great track!! :D

NEW! :w00t:

Nice one folks! Thought I’d add another old and a new joined together by the timeless theme of swearing.

Something old…

[url=]Fuck Christmas - Eric Idle (+lyrics) - YouTube

Something new…

[url=]Reggie Watts: Fuck Shit Stack - YouTube

Childish. Very childish.



[url]- YouTube


[url]The Field - Looping State of Mind - YouTube