Something slow, no idea how that genre is called

started as melodic techno with a cute, depressive c minor chord progression, but i couldn’t make it work and slowed it down.

clearly above my skill level but it has some good parts. there is a lot of compression on the tracks because without it’s just a brickwall of sounds fighting with each other. the current settings sounded best to me from everything i tried. sounds a bit empty and cold.

Yep, that kind of things often happens if you let yourself drown into the sounds & music, which is indeed difficult to avoid, sometimes it’s more easy to start with minimal elements to get a foundation instead of dealing with rich & very melodic content right from the start.

Well at least you ended up with a nice slow motion & cool track. Its not empty and cold, just missing some more variation in the arrangement & beat IMO, also I was very surprised by the kind of “dissonant” ending.

For the levels on Soundcloud, you should get the mix a tiny bit down before uploading and you’ll be good, this one is peaking in the red when passing through Mastering The Mix Expose. You can ignore the phase issue report, that was not even for a second of audio :wink:

thanks a lot. the dissonant ending is one part i couldn’t make work. it’s going from c minor to g minor and didn’t find a good sounding way to get back to c minor. i left it in but probably better to delete it.

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