Something to chillout to

Please recommend some good music to chillout to. It’s been ages since I’ve bought anything to relax to. I’m currently sitting here listing to ltj bukem, logical progression :slight_smile:

The sort of stuff I like and have bought in the past is, portishead, the orb, border community stuff Nathan fake, Holden. Nightmares on wax

Suggestions please :slight_smile:

i cannot get enough of breakbot lately. the dude is amazing.

but what else do you expect from Ed Banger Records…

this is straight baby making music.

Chatak - Portal 138 (isolationism ambient)


Model 8250 - “Mechanic Angels”


Harold Budd/Brian Eno - Late October


Negative Trip - Barcode




Mortuus Sensus - Dark Breath of the Mountains of Carpathia


Nah don’t listen to ambient music - you fckn hippy

From one of my favourite all time albums

Ambient 4: Isolationism 1994

Lost (Held Under) - KK Null / Jim Plotkin


Yep I was dark b a r stard even in those days too :smiley: