Something wierd with pricing on the site


So I was browsing for ANA 2 presets, looks like there are two packs available atm. The wierd thing is is that when I browse for them they are listed at $12.74 (discounted price). But when I click on the items they are listed at $16.xx (discounted price of some sort - I forget the cents so .xx). I am logged in. So I try to add to the cart figuring the typical discounts (for january, subscriber etc etc) will show up on the right. But they dont.

I tried logging out and back in, still didnt work right. Something is amis with the web shop and discounts etc etc.

My current working theory is that the site is divided in two (three?) sections and it seems that these sections are not talking to each other correctly.


Hi @torgul, when browsing for the packs the prices being shown are in UK pounds (£12.74), scroll to the bottom and click on and off the currency selector and the prices will update to display in your selected currency - this being $16.04.

Hope this helps.

Hi Chris,

See the images below … the browse items don’t specify the currency and … (US $ is selected) I just checked it again. The rest of the site seems to show $ as the currency and since it was selected at the bottoms it stood to reason.

Definately with ya that it must be pounds … yet there does indeed seem to be some sort of bug. (I’m using Firefox btw if that matters).