Sonic Community Showcase!

Have you entered a competition that you need our help with? Got a tune that you need plugging? Maybe you’ve got a massive DJ gig coming up that you just want to shout about!

Well in our new Sonic Community Showcase feature, we are putting our powers at your disposal!

Make your event / song / gig / or competition you entered known to us here, and we will pick the most worthy cause and include it in our Sonic Community Showcase feature which goes out with our weekly newsletter, getting your plug out to thousands of users!

We currently have over 10,000 members on the site, not to mention all of our Myspace, Facebook & Twitter friends! So your plug will be stretching far and wide across the globe!

Sound good? Who’s first then…

Meeeeeeeeeeeeee :smiley:

I think Phil is already sorting this for me though but no harm shamelessly plugging again :wink:

I’ve played a few gigs for Hed Kandi in Brighton already as their Room 2 resi, but now am setting my sights higher with an aim to join the team as an official Hed Kandi tour resident DJ.

I need to be in the top 10 for any chance to win, unfortunately it’s all based on the amount of votes you can get, which yes is a bit of a farce, but thats life i spose.

Any help would be awesome! :cool:

My voting page is:

<A href=“Log into Facebook” target=_blank rel=nofollow onmousedown=‘UntrustedLink.bootstrap($(this), “b75ee907b6f9552673f67e0949e92cd2”, event)’> 

you can also find direct link at:



Got ya vote Roben! Also, do have one tip for you that might break you through to No 1. Join an app game on MySpazz or FaceF*ck like Mobsters. Then go to one of those join my Mob websites. I got like 1500 adds a day for a while, I had to shut down my page and start a new one cuz it was getting bombarded(I wanted this at the time though, it doesn’t have to happen like that)!!! So be careful! But, if you throw enough out there, something is bound to stick. So, if you get 2000 ppl to join your page whether they like your music or not, and you spam them, you get 250 people out of that to vote, should put you through… Just a thought! Cuz we all know people love to click things on the interwebz!!!

Raymond :wink:

Roben - Just voted for you on FB mate so good luck!

And to plug myself a little i do a radio show online every Saturday 4-6pm playing hard house at

Cheers lads! Muchos gracias :smiley:

hows this all going ive seen loads of people promoting about this when do you find out

On another note i should find out soon about my tour to USA / Canda and Mexico which is happening in sept then im off to the World Dj festival in Korea (soeul i cant spell it) oct 10th and then in nov im hitting South Africa for a tour so im excited to get all the dates and flights locked down for these and get my *** out there :smiley:

Hey everyone,

I hope this is the right place to put this on. Anyway, if not, bugger it.

Myself and a friend have written the music for a new movie called ‘Home Made Vigilante’ that the makers are currently looking for a distribution company for. The film makers are two brothers who go under the name ‘Roys Boys’, and, although they’ve made so shorts in the past, this is their first full length production. If you type in ‘Roys Boys’ into Google, you’ll find the link to their website. The short film called ‘Minding Rocco’ on this website is another film we’ve written the music for as well. I think you can buy it from iTunes for about £1.60 or something like that.

Anyway, ‘Home Made Vigilante’ is shortly going to be doing the festival circuit, where Nathan and Neil (aka Roys Boys) are hoping to drum up a bit of a following behind it. If you hear about it anywhere on your travels, or spot it at any festivals you go to, take a look! Even better, if you know anyone in ‘the biz’, point them in our direction! I’ve been very lucky as they’ve used my tracks for both the opening and closing titles of the film (!), as well as lots of little bits in between.

If you do see it, let me know what you think. Particularly the tunes!