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Ableton Live 11 First Look with Phil Johnston

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Ableton has just announced that Ableton Live 11 is on its way and here at Sonic Academy a very excited Phil Johnston has managed to get his hands on the Beta!!

Here he takes a quick look at some of the updated game-changing features including vocal comping, linked tracks, new reverbs and delays, midi clips, macro improvements and MPE!

Phil is just scratching the surface and no doubt we’ll be covering everything in a lot more detail in time but it certainly looks like Ableton have done it once again and shown why they are one of the most popular DAW’s out there.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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LOVE IT - just pre-ordered - you get a discount!!! for the upgrade! Don’t lose out!!!

Vocal comping - amazing - “stay in your lane” lol - ok the phase/flanger and spectral devices… great… emulating Audiothing and Softube… nice! Really love the midi stuff at the 2nd half of the video - hmmm… where did I see similar functionality before…? cough cough Bitwig…!!!
Nice work Ableton!!! Definitely worth the tiny upgrade price for Suite 11… game changer is right, Phil!!!

So much goodness in this update.
I wonder if there will be away to add user scales or otherwise add more scales.
It’d also be nice to have a “lock” function on the macros in the racks so that you can pick what gets randomized.

My one pet peeve which is that the levels meter between devices is tiny. I’d like it to take up a big chunk of that space so it’s easier to see at a glance.

Great stuff

Yesss… Very much looking forward to this. Time to start planning accordingly :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of LIVE since years - can’t wait to install Ableton Live 11 on my computer !!!

Genuinely good song. Is it available anywhere?

Thanks! Not available yet… hopefully soon if I can find a label for it… or maybe release it my self.

Thanks I’m looking forward to manage my producing stuffs with Ableton!