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ANA Synth Developer Walkthrough

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In this Series of videos Phil Johnston the designer of Sonic Academys ANA plugin synth talks you through all the features and shows you how they can be used to create some cool sounds.

Great tutorials Phil, will you be bringing out a manual for ANA?

Just got ANA. Having fun with it so far. I would love a dubstep tutorial using ANA.

I would love a tutorial on making specific trance and progressive house instruments

awesome synth well done

Just bought it and loving it already;) been playing for hours and the tutorials are really helpful. Any change of getting some more tuts on progressive house maybe?

It would be cool to see ANA in more of the other tutorials. Dubstep tutorial, in Ableton, using ANA?

don&#039t move the mouse so fast around the screen, that makes me totaly nervous!

Love to no more about making basslines with ANA

Man this synth is f***ing awesome. Just got it today and did a whole track drums and all with it.

I really like the ANA synth. It is very intuitive, versatile, and has great quality filters cuts that go the full 20 to 20kHz. I do have a request based on an observation I made with Voxengo SPAN while looking (and listening) to the "Sine" oscillator. It appears there are a few harmonics in there, similar to a triangle with a steep low pass or an additive synth set up to let only a couple harmonics through or a pure sine sent through a wave shaper or distortion of some sort. I don't mind this but it would be cool to start with a truly pure sine occasionally. As this waveform is not editable by users, could you guys possibly make a pure sine wavetable, maybe call it, I don't know, "Pure Sine"? so that we users could select it from the "VIRTUAL ANALOG - WAVE" menu? I like what you did by offering the WarmSaw. Making a "Pure Sine" available would compliment the choices available, similar to how you made the Saw, PSaw, and MSaw which all sound different and have different spectrums. I understand that sometimes a few harmonics above fundamental cut through a mix better, especially for a sub bass. Sometimes a pure sine removes all doubt as to where in your signal chain a distortion is coming from, wanted or not. Keep up the good work.

I think it is the Filters that add the upper harmonics... Try turning the filter off and see if they are still there. The sine should be pure.

You're right. I just discovered I had 2-Pole Vintage "on". Selecting no filter cleared it up. Hey, thanks for the quick turnaround on the response. You guys are amazing.

bien pour commencer.