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Noobfest is here!

To kick it off Phil checks out three sets of beginner gear including soundcards, speakers and controller keyboards.
We check out the features and test them all out in the studio to see how they perform and what set-up we think is best for your buck.

But that’s not all!

We’re gonna give away each set-up to three lucky winners!

If you or any of your beginner friends would like to be in with a chance of winning just click Here! to enter, answer the question and one of these set-ups could be on it’s way to you!

Winners will be announced on our YouTube Channel during the Live Show this Thursday 10th Dec 2020 at 4pm GMT!
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I have the scarlet solo and its really good for the beginner or a small studio and good value for money

Nice reviews here :wink:

Also a bit disappointed by the Focusrite sound-card, I started with a 1st generation Scarlett 2i4 which I found nice and it’s still running fine, I’ve been able to maintain the drivers across different versions of Windows and the built quality is solid.

Started with the Presonus Eris E5 as well and I’m still using them as a 2nd pair of monitors, they sound great IMO, Presonus have also some Sub-woofers like the “Tremor” if you need more low-end in your room, but nice monitors and Presonus have also new models now, I’m not surprised about the good test results of their sound-card, they do good products in general.

Ps : @phil_johnston I’m coming over for six month then, deal ?? I won’t bother too much, I’ll just stay in your studio - Hahaha :smile: :smile:

Haha… that was like the 10th take of my trying to say the socials stuff… can’t believe Chris left it in lol

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hey @phil_johnston , a bit off-topic but can i ask you the name of the track that was playing in the background?

Great review and recommendations