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Cubase 10.5 Top New Features with Protoculture

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Attention Cubase users! Protoculture’s back with us once again to check out some of his favourite new features in Steinberg’s latest release with 10.5.

With two new impressive plugins, a fresh new look, ‘retrospective recording’, an updated EQ and a whole lot more - Cubase is looking pretty sweet!

Nice Tutorial as always , Nates tips and workflow are my companion since 2016 and got me signed 2 tracks on a nice german label . So i’m wondering if there will be an How to Psytrance 2020 ? :smiley: Thank you so much for sharing all the nice tricks !


Nate thank you;) , may you remember a SSL Buss comp from Supernature project, from which manufacturers is this plugin??? Thanks

I’m always down for another psy tutorial, will have to chat to the guys at Sonic Academy… the album is out and working on new stuff now too.

The SSL Bus Comp I usually use is the official SSL Duende one. Its not based on the 4000 series like most of the other emulations out there though. The other 4000 comp I use is the bx_townhouse from Plugin Alliance

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Good evening Africa good evening Nate
I’m so not attentive) ye i see that from a course.
Back to a Cubase, I left it 2 year ago because I was not able to do alot like MIDI Slicing ,Follow Actions or Sampler Chains like in ableton,
(Futurephonic - In the Studio With TRISTAN - Sampler Chains)
or this shit קורס לימודי מוזיקה אלקטרונית עם FREEDOM FIGHTERS - סדנת יצירת מוזיקה אלקטרונית במכללת BPM - YouTube
Any changes in this way?or I’m just not have much skill enough to do than in cub

Hey Nate, thank you for this. Always helps me so much understanding Cubase. It´s simply a very complex software. May you could colaborate with Alex MORPH again for a track like “Waking up the stars”. It´s so amazing and dreamy… like “Ultramarine” too. I listen to this until today…

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Looked at the youtube link… its just a delay. You can do that with pretty much any delay plugin… Ableton just has a nice way of packaging everything into a stack and creating macros for it. There’s other sofware plugins that will let you do this for Cubase too, although I never really bother as I just automate everything in the arrange window. MIDI slicing in Cubase has been around forever… although only recently its as easy as in ableton. I use Falcon for this most of the time though.

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Thx a lot

hugely useful, thanks

got Cubase on sale thru after I needed a steinberg e-licencer for my recently acquired VPS Philta plug-in… so a $40 plugin led me to become a proud Cubase owner!

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