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How To Invest In Your Studio

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If you’ve managed to get that sacred space where you can be creative and make some fire beats we know how tempting it is to fill it with new sound-making toys!

However, Protoculture’s got some pro advice as to what you should perhaps invest in first to get yourself set up for years to come.

Check it out and if you’re already all set up, let us know what’s worked for you and what you perhaps wished you’d spent your money on in hindsight?

Thank You a lot Sir ! At the day i mix with a cheap headphone closed ( Shure SRH 440 because i’m a singer and i ply piano ( i’m a very bad pianist ) at the first time ) and it’s really difficult for the mix … certainly i buy the New sennheiser 560 s Open because my reference for PsyTrance is your music and when i look at you course the sound is great and the 650 is to expensive .
Impossible to me to to some music with speaker were i live ( i love the Genelec , focal or Adam ) and i haven’ t got a sound card but this year is my priority a Motu M2 certainly because the driver is rock . I have Cubase 8.5 ( i learn cubase with you ) but have got just a ryzen 5 2600 and is to loud for my CPU so i work with Ableton Live not the best in Psytrance but it’s Ok . Have got one Question : When you do a new Album like Arcadia ? i see you do a new Single it’s great . So … Many, Many thanks Nate
" Genelec the best , Lol :grin: " .
Thanks to Sonic academy i found the style i loved in EDM .

I bought the Herman Miller Aeron after watching one of your previous tutorials. Best investment i have made, for sure. But i would like to ask this: Is it possible to mix to a high standard, in an entirely untreated big living room using only Sonarworks Reference and no room acoustic treatment? Currently this is what i do but of course i am not a professional…Thanks!

It’s entirely possible sure… technically, although not ideal, you could mix a great record on an old pair of in ear headphones if you know them well enough. The main point I was trying to get across is spending $10k on monitors in an untreated room isn’t a great idea. You’re not going to reap the benefits of all that extra investment without sorting out acoustics first. Same goes for other outboard stuff… a $10k audio interface will only sound as good as the $100 speakers you’re playing it through. Sonarworks is a great place to start though and with some imagination, clever placement of a couch and some thick drapes etc. will at least get you on the road to better acoustics.

Just moved house and now have my own office(studio). Massive difference already, however these tips are invaluable as I will be looking at acoustic treatment for sure (just wish UVI would stop dropping gorgeous expansions).

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Hi Nate :slight_smile: Solid tips here. I’m in the midst of an epic studio upgrade, spending well into 5 figures treating my room FINALLY - got 3 pallets of artnovion panels in my garage downstairs, just waiting for some additional hardware to ship and the builders to come out and get started. so needless to say it was reassuring to hear your comments. i also heard very good things about sonarworks, def planning to implement that as well.

keep up the great content :slight_smile:

THX; very solid tips.

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