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Introduction to Bitwig Studio

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BITWIG STUDIO is a new and innovative music creation, recording, and performance software. Combining traditional arrangement sequencing with modern performance-oriented clip launching workflows, BITWIG STUDIO is the ultimate solution for realizing all your musical ideas across every stage of production.  

To coincide with its launch, we have been hard at work to bring you all the best features / tips and tricks to be found inside Bitwig, prestened by Phil Johnston and Chris Agnelli. So if you've just picked yourself up a copy, you can find all the essentials that you need to know to get started, right here.

Looks good. As an Ableton user, I can see an easy transition to Bitwig.
But as I've just bought an Ableton Push, that's where I'll be staying for a while.
Good review guys.

Chris, my question... is it worth it? I'm a Cubase user and also own Logic X and use less often. For sometime I have been looking to get live, but cannot work as fast on that DAW, if I was to decide on either live or bigwig, what would be your recommendation?

Bitwig is good, but much less of a completed package than Ableton, but I would advice is get your preferred DAW, one that works for you and stick with it. They all do pretty much the same at the end of the day. Its about knowing how to extract the best from the software for your needs really.

Great review, looks very promising, I'll be waiting till version 2 at least before getting it tho, quick question, are you able to rewire it let say to logic? and if yes are you still able to use the 3rd party vst's? In ableton this is not possible and for me this would be a good reason to switch.

See, my problem is that stupid dongle in Cubase, I know the software extremely well, but sometimes on the road you need another quick tool to sketch out ideas. Sometimes Cubase is not very stable either, so I leave it for my studio at home. Bitwig looks fine for this, but 400 dollars for it? I am not sure. If you can suggest any other alternative I'm all ears. Thanks!

Hello Phil & Chris
How did you guys assign the keyboard to the instruments, Its not auto like in Ableton Live when the track is armed you can play it off the qwerty or midi keyboard....

Figured it ! Caps Lock

Great Tuts by the way, good to add a bit of humour into the reviews aswell :)

logic+ableton+traktor interface=bitwig studio :)) but it does its job, ive tested it since it came out and ive faced a lot of bugs with vsts not loading properly from a saved project so ill put it a side and wait for a stable version or update.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the closer look - would be great if you also could evaluate following aspects:

1.Is bitwig better vs Ableton timingwise on recording external sources, and foremost vocals? As per issues mentioned by Phil in Deep House 2014...

2.How is quality of EQ vs revamped Ableton Live 9 one, and maybe vs Fab Filter Pro Q? Has it linear phase functionality allowing proper frequency splitting?

Cheers -


We did record into bitwig and found no timing issues, certainly not to the extent of Ableton. As for the quality of the EQ. it doesn't have a linear phase function nor M/S at the moment. Certainly not as good as say Fab Filter Pro, but a perfectly good, solid stock EQ, could do with a few more bands however.

there seem to be nice ways to add "movement" with this DAW - almost intuitively via the histograms, etc. nice to see happy discoveries you guys made like editing the loop wavs. and the pitch bend on individual notes - hybrid tracks... cool stuff! would be great to see a typical, in-depth whole track tutorial that highlights Bitwig's "special features" - the way Chris brings out the best from what's stock in Logic, for instance... cheers!

Hi @chrisagnelli:disqus i use bitwig.
Bitwig does have option for m/s eq.
Look for a container namned mid-side split.
Bitwig is built around using containers and creativity.
But I agree it needs more things like visual and more bands and option to audition bands.
No eq is better than fabfilter pro q though :)

Hey Ronny - good to know this, sadly I havent spent any more time with bitwig recently. Will be looking at it again with the 1.1 update tho..Thanks for the info.

They have a script on there website that maps push perfectly with bitwig

Why there are no more Bitwig courses…?

Hey there @instantmove

Yes, this is a very old introductory course to Bitwig, I agree that a new one would be great, but it simply seems that this hasn’t been a popular request unfortunately.

@chris_agnelli Any chance to get new tutorial(s) on Bitwig you think ? They have reach version 3.2.xx since this time and the number of Bitwig end-users has drastically grow since it’s launch.