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Kick 2 Presets Volume 12 - French House - Walkthrough

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With the new release of our awesome new Preset Pack for Kick 2, we proudly welcome Harry from MixReady Samples to showcase the French House pack he’s created, along with some super-useful tips and tricks when using Kick 2.

Starting with a completely initialised patch, Harry takes an in-depth look at Kick 2 as he dials in a kick to accompany a classic French House style groove.
We look at how we can avoid click phase issues, using Kick 2’s limiter to get the best results, and check out some of the new noise options that come with the pack, along with some of the epic presets available on a disco style groove too.

If you’re creating French House/Nu Disco, look no further. We have your starting kicks sorted!

Get the new pack here!

Very Nice Walkthrough & Tutorials! It helps me a lot! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Nice tutorial… it would have been nice to see what claps hithat etc samples packs you used in this tutorial as for new comers to follow along with you. :slight_smile:

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Love French House :slight_smile:

Really nice to see other people using Kick 2 and learn how they understand the program.
Thank you very much!
BTW, this songs are sounding so good that I couldn’t help myself and bought this sample pack… :slight_smile:

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Nice video and great tips, thanks!

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Great video and thanks for the tips.

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