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Logic Pro 11 - What's New?

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This week, we welcome UK-based producer and tutor Paul Aspin to check out some of the new features in Logic Pro 11.

In this quick overview, we look at the new session player options, the new chord track feature and how we could use them for unique samples and loops. We test the new Stem Splitter algorithm for demixing and isolating elements of a complete track to see how well it performs. We also look at the new stock saturation plugin ChromaGlow and ways to speed up workflow with MIDI routing and bouncing audio from external hardware.

Some really nice and useful updates for Logic users to help with creativity, sound and workflow!

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Resampling the session players is a very cool tip! Thanks!

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Nice new features

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Thank you, quite a helpful run-through. Great seeing the bounce from some of the player stuff, wouldn’t generally use those but the use was brilliant, I’ll have to try it.

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Excellent to check out what’s new!

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@br1an @gg333 Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for your comments ! :sunglasses: