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Logic Pro X 10.4 New Features

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Following on from our first look at the new Logic Pro X 10.4 update, Sonic Academy welcomes back Rory Webb from Hyper Production for a more in depth look at the new features available to Logic Pro users.

In this 2 hour course we check out what’s new, including the awesome ‘Smart Tempo’ feature, all new plugins such as the Vintage EQ collection, Studio Strings and Studio Horns, the beautiful new ‘Chromaverb’ and two new FX plugins to modulate your sounds.

Rory goes through each of the functions, explaining how to get the most out of this update so you can get on with using them to their full potential and taking your production skills to the next level!

This is a game changing update, so if you’re already a Logic user, questioning whether Logic Pro X might be for you, or perhaps you’re thinking about a change from your current DAW, check this out!

Very detailed & in-depth tutorial and right on time, thanks Rory.

Yesterday ( 2nd of March 18 ), Apple released a minor update to correct some general Logic X bugs and to address an issue with the settings implementation for ChromaVerb, Phat Fx, Step Fx & the new Vintage EQ Collection, so just be sure to update to 10.4.1


I love the fact they finally introduced CamelPhat+ (PhatFX) and CamelSpace+ (StepFX).