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PC Build for Music

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We’ve all been there at some point while working on a track - the CPU meter spikes and panic sets in. Is it time for a new computer?

Well, if you’re considering going down the route of building your own PC specifically for audio, we’ve got you covered as Nate aka Protoculture is doing exactly that in this new 14 part course.

Obviously, there is a multitude of options when it comes to building your own PC, but in this detailed course, Nate explains what to look out for when choosing your components along with best practices when building your machine. We also look at running system checks, how to install the operating system itself and then optimising this for audio production before running some benchmark tests and getting some useful apps that’ll help streamline your workflow.

He even wades into the age-old debate of Mac vs PC…brave man!

A smooth-running computer that won’t hinder your creativity is vital if you’re serious about making music. So if yours is struggling and you’re thinking about upgrading, you need to watch this course!

Some great advice for people here Nate. I have the same 5900x in use for music production and it handles it with ease!

And thanks for the recommendation with bulk rename utility I was using the powerrename tool in Microsoft’s powertoys but it lacks some of the features in BRU so I’m looking forward to using this new tool.

this course was extremely helpful as I have been thinking about building a new computer. I hope that sonic academy will continue to make more course focusing on tech like this one. thanks for the knowledge.

This course came around at exactly the right time for me. I am looking for a new pc this month. The specifications you give are really useful, but I would rather have a professional to put it together for me. I don’t trust myself with the electrics.

I love this video

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