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Thoughts on Apple M1 Silicon

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Bluffmunkey’s back with us this week to discuss and delve into the hype surrounding the Apple M1 Silicon Chip to see what the fuss is about.

It’s certainly looking like Apple have achieved what they claimed and set out to do, and when it comes to making music, DAW’s and VST’s are no longer pushing the limits of your CPU like they once were.

It’s a very interesting time for new tech at the moment so if you’re thinking of purchasing, switching or even holding out for something better - check this out!

Good overview
I’m waiting for the new mac mini because I want better connectivity for external devices.
My 15" MacBook pro gets so hot I could fry an egg on it and I still manage to make it fall over.!

Thank you. This was very helpful. I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger for a while but I think I’m just going to do it based on your information. 16 GB RAM and the M1 on a mini should be fine for 95% of what I create now. Scores can wait - I need power for VST’s like Dune 3 now.

I´d like to kind of reproduce your ‘benchmark’, but I was wondering how you got 5 voices of polyphony out of each of the 13 instances of Repro-1, since this synth is natively monophonic…

I’m assuming it’s repro 5 he’s using?

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Yes sorry, I meant Repro 5

Sounds very tempting. I’m looking at buying a new laptop next year but I’m reeeeallly concerned about plugin functionality, esp Waves but also others. Will need to check out this Rosetta thing you mentioned, hadn’t heard of it til now…

Excellent insight and witty as always from Mr Bluffmonkey… although tempting, I think I will wait till all is working and up and running. I recently rolled back to Big Sur because plug-in issues I was experiencing

Apple is really on the game for music producers these days. Whether I’m working in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 11 (beta), or most recently Bitwig 4.1, I now have the option to run the native ARM executables and get even better performance. I’m also editing my own 4k and 5k gopro footage, totally taking for granted that this level of video editing was utterly impossible on any laptop before M1. My only issue has been those few lousy plug-in developers who can’t seem to delivery timely compatibility updates. They’ve definitely lost all my future business. Props to the one’s who did deliver, your excellent work is not unappreciated.

Exactly the video I needed right now, having been scratching my head over whether to get my first ever mac. Thanks!