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Top 5 Plugins of 2021 Every Producer Should Use

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Haterade’s back with us again today with his go-to plugins of 2021 (so far!) that he finds himself using time and time again in his productions.

What do you think? Any others that have come out this year that have blown you away and are now indispensable?

Let us know!

Could you list those plugins in the details. We are already paying for the course, so there is no reason to force users to watch the video and pause to write this down.


Good video! I like all of those plugins, but I think Rift is even better than Thermal.

Thermal is awesome!!

I love vital

I love using Kilohearts Trance Gate. I think it’s simply the best for gating effects.

All great plugins, so much choice out there now!

Good info to know. It’s always nice to know what other third party plugins can do. Thanks