Sonic Live Broadcasts

We are going to be testing some live broadcasting in the next few weeks.

you will be able to chat live and ask questions, while we do a tutorial, make tracks or tech tips.

Possibly even call in on skype or send us your tracks on Air. etc

What days and times (GMT) would you like to see this.

also what topics would you like to see discussed or techniques explained.

or any other ideas for the show.

This sounds awesome!

-maybe one of the things you could discuss is music news, Its always hard to keep up on the latest fads, like I didn’t find out about Moombahton until like 2 weeks ago.

-maybe you could analyze midi like how you did in the main room house video

I think some theory based stuff about creating leads would be good. The stuff in the dutch house videos was good, but more would be interesting. I think this is where allot of people struggle.

Also maybe some synth stuff using ANA would be good.

Possibly dedicating live sessions to certain genres would be useful as obviously people who like a certain style of music will always be trying to steer the conversation towards what they like, which won’t really work as it’ll be all over the place.

Time wise, you’ve gotta be looking at late evening to allow people time to get in from work, maybe 20:00?

What about like a full day in the studio making a track say on a sat or sunday… you could jump in and out and see all the bits between the normal videos.

then a mid week one as you say around 8pm dealing with a particular subject.

Yeah a full day one would be fantastic if you could do it. It would be quite good but not essential to see you play the keyboard as well.

Whenever I download the samples that go with a tutorial, I always think they sound fantastic and go together perfectly. I’m sure allot of “sample picking” comes with time but to would be good to see how you do it. Do you have go to sample packs or just stuff you have put together over the years? Do you try and pick your drum samples that mimic what you have heard in other tracks?

Also maybe looking at how you approach a track. Do you listen to stuff you like and then jam along to it looking for an idea or do you have it in your head what you want to do when you sit do and start a track? You seem to do allot of research on genres before a tutroial so it would be good to see how you get your inspriration and then turn it into an actual track. In one of the interviews I’m sure someone said said something along the lines that they jam along to stuff by others whilst recording it and then that gives them the basis of a track.

[quote]phil johnston (03/04/2012)[hr]What about like a full day in the studio making a track say on a sat or sunday… you could jump in and out and see all the bits between the normal videos.

then a mid week one as you say around 8pm dealing with a particular subject.[/quote]

^^ +1

Yeah i agree with the day in the studio thing and also makin big leads and layering them up. I think every1 would agree that they would like to see that!

As for time, i work nights so daytime would be ideal for me. Mon-fri

I don’t know if it’s ever going to be possible to please everyone time wise because not only are people from different countries, but people have different commitments.

Best thing you can do is get a ‘happy medium’ somewhere.

We are going to be recording streams as well so they will be repeated a coupe of times in the week… we are thinking of doing one either Friday day or Sunday day in about 2 weeks.

First one will be me and chris in the studio.

we are thinking of attempting a sort of chemical bros style thing although we are open to suggestions.

just testing the live stream stuff now. seems to be working well. have the screen going well at a nice resolution but are hopping to get a couple of cameras up too… one for the keyboard.

Will probably use a dedicated twitter account for live chat

when you guys do decide on a date and time will you be giving maybe a week or so notice as to when the live stream will take place?

the science of music and the golden ration presence in modern edm tracks.

also , modular synthesis.

Chemical Borthers style would be quite good as it could be a good inbetween of music styles. Most people like their stuff no matter what they are into.

This sounds awsome! Chemical bro’s will do me perfect!