Sonic Soundcloud Group

Hey everyone,

It seems lately that i’ve seen a lot of new people posting on the forums and putting up there tracks. Either sonic is getting a lot of new members or people are getting more comfortable here and feel confident posting or both. All good things.

I just wanted to invite everyone to join the sonic academy group we have on soundcloud (link below). If you havent heard about soundcloud and you make music then you need to set yourself up quick. It is a great resource to use for posting your music easily , meeting other artists, and general networking tool. I only made this post because its been awhile since ive tryed to promote our group and i have seen a couple of people post their tracks using ptp sharing sites or the like. It really is just a lot easier posting tracks and it helps a lot to get feed back when posting on sites like sonic. Oh…did I say it is free too.

So once again I want to invite all on sonic to come join and post their tunes, we have over 50 members so far and would like to see all of you on there supporting each others work.

Sonic Insiders - Tracks - SoundCloud

Get involved people!!!