SonicAcademy Kickstart!

This is a tune i’ve been working for a couple of days, i recently become a member and to be honest i was about to quit trying to make tunes, Thanks Sonic academy i got from nowhere to a start!!! Thanks Sonics!!! Drop some comments, they can only make you better!

BLiSS BOUNCE by coolcuts

Well first I should say don’t give up - you definatly got something going there

The bass is really cool :cool:

Thank you!!! Definitely going to keep on trying!!! :smiley:

enjoyed that, nice bass and string pad :slight_smile:

:smiley: Thanks!!!

interesting track indeed… the bass is cool!

Not a bad first tune.

I agree with what Slender said.
Don’t give up. We have all felt that way from time to time.
Take it for what it is, a great hobby that you enjoy doing and not thinking of having to become the next big hit. This attitude will take you further than the second.

Thats the spirit!:wink:

good job man, sounds oldschool keep it up. i like the tension with the strings. writers block is horrible, but just battle through it :wink: whatever you have on your master bus is nice but i’d still cut some of that deep deep sub away from your bass at 20 or 30 hz - might even go a tiny bit higher.

verbala you really got a point here, i listened it today on a friends 2.1 system and all i could hear was bass , after that had a listen in my car which has standard speakers and factory cd and amp and it sounded totaly different, to cut a long story the sound was better in car, and on my monitors HS50M:), on the 2.1 system was all mud and on my headphones HD25SP you could hear more glitchy details…:smiley: CONFUSION!!! i will try a cuts all the way to 45 cause i think my speakers dont go any lower than that and have a listen again.

When i reached the point that the track was at some decent point it reminded me alot of Freeland, Layo & Bushwacka e.t.c kind of stuff. I’really love music and listen to alot of genres. The sound that starts and goes along way through the track is a 2 second maybe less, loop of the intro guitar of Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter out of an mp3 i have on my desktop and listening to it when i wake up… :smiley:

I really appreciate the comments on the bass part, its FXpansion Strobe, started with the Guitar Bass patch and tweaked to my taste and automating the filter and the Release envelope through the progression of the track , there is a bit of distortion on my master channel and i think its something i will keep using later on.

Here is a screenshoot of Strobe , i really enjoy the days where i spend hours just fooling around with the synths making noises and sounds.

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at 5.47.16 PM