Sonnentanz unmasked

To stir up the debate on the use of samples:br
Sonnentanz by Klangkarussellbr
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You can find almost the entire track on this sample CD: LINKbr
Now I’m not an oppenent in the sample debate. Use 'm as well. But, I never (or at least never try to) use them so evidently. Withouth any transformation by chopping them up or the use of
This tune is almost just constructed out of samples. Less creativity, apart from the selecting of samples. Although they already reside in the same folder on the cd ;)br
Whats your opinion?

Personally I do think its cheating a bit, but its the individual who uses those samples to create something out of it. Like when everyone was going ape over knas, yeah u would think a producer of his stature wouldn’t just use a loop but he did and what he did do was a top tune in fairness!br
why do we buy samples? To get ideas or like u say chop up use loads of fx to disguise what ur
I think the people who it really pisses off are a tad jealous that they didn’t spot how well certain samples fit 2gether, so I say balls to it if it sounds good n makes u dance or whatever who gives a ****e where it came from :cool:

Nice advert for the samplepack !

IMO the track sounds rubbish… i think this is a lame attempt at clever marketing by an artist or label to promote their very mediocre track. br
or as mentioned above a promo for the sample pack creator.

I don’t particularly care, most songs out today have samples. If you buy a sample pack and can release it as a song, fair enough. Each to their own really…

I’m pretty indifferent to this sort of thing these days to be honest./PPProducers who want to get ahead will always rip off samples and ‘cheat’ as much as they can in their search for fame and fortune etc - some people only care about success, and place less significance on things like originality, and artistic integrity./PPJust look at what has come out about over the last few days!/PPBut i’m fine with this - if people want to create tracks from only samples - let them. They are the ones who have to deal with the fact that in the end, they didn’t really make an original track themselves. If they are fine with that - then cool!/PPAlthough it can be difficult to stomach certain people getting huge success through doing things like massively sampling other peoples work, i think the best thing we can all do is try not to worry what other people are doing, and just concentrate on making our own music in the way that is personally best for us./PPWe also have to remember that many great, great dance tracks have been made from somenbsp;very blatant use of sampling other peoples tracks - think of all the old classic house and rave tunes that were allnbsp;based around sampling./PPSo it can be a really good thing./PPLike i said - i say don’t worry aboutnbsp;what anyone else isnbsp;doing - otherwise you just end up getting bitter and twisted about these things which is not healthy at all!!!nbsp;

For the record - i do think this is a really nice track - everyone in my house loves it!/PPSonbsp;from that point of view - i have to say that the track is credible as it works as a dance track - with or without blatant sampling!