Sorta Tribal Tech House: Feedback pls

Hey everyone. Made this track last night. Got a feeling it could be rly great, but its not quite there yet. Some feedback would be very helpful :smiley:

Really nice ! I dont know what else u could do to it , while I was listening to it , it seamed like a finished track :smiley: My opinion is only that u overplay a sound ( that woman voice or w/e it is ) You could remove some of it. Really good job my friend , keep it UP! :smiley:

I think this is very very good. I love that techy groove you’ve got going. Can’t say I can think of much you can change, all the elements of the track work well together, and the structure is well arranged. Personally I wouldnt over work this too much. I think if this had the right backing it could be a big tune!:smiley:

nice track, very groovey :slight_smile:

as usual another well produced track. love the rolling bassline and the change up you give it every, what 8 or 16 bars.

personally i’d drop the woman’s voice stabs out of most of the two breaks bringing her back in near the end of each of them as you build to the next section. of course that’d mean maybe something else was needed in those breaks to keep it grooving.

had my head bobbing along well and truly, the beats and bass combo is lovely.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Rly wanna get this one perfect coz think it could be big.

Yeah, your guys are right about the female vocal being in there a bit too much. I think if I took it out a few times, I have plenty of other elements I can use to fill the gap, so should be easy enough. I’ve noticed a few little things I need to change too.

Thanks again everyone for listening, and ben you might be right about over thinking this one too much, I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Man, I love it. Slammin!!

Would love to play this out. PM me if ya wanna exchange some demo’s.


Thanks for the kind words adam :smiley: i’ll drop you a PM

I’ve decided to make this an EP and include this track to it

Ted Spong - Skin Your In (Unsigned) by Ted Spong

Any feedback on this track to would be great! Wanna get these two spot on!

Already had a lot of offers so i’m 100% sure the EP will be getting released at some point :smiley: