Soulful / deep house help

a few problems i have really, getting the right bassline, and great sounding rhodes,

ive tried lounge lizard and dont like the sound,

plus overall drum compression/ eq, my hi hats dont sound smooth enough!

should i group drums in ableton? then compress all?

also in the tutorials why use simpler in a drum group, why not use impulse all the time, or is this just to give different methods and show different control over the single hits?

check out the sounds on this track


the bassline is fantastic, beats tight, warm keys,

also the bass on this one, doesnt sound complicated but i cant seem to get my synths to produce this sound !!!


any tips would be great, i think a solid sound source is important, im not sure if i should buy kontakt 4 for multisamples or get a new synth?


if you are trying to get really good Rhodes or piano sound u should use Roomplers. or samples.

also EQ and putting the right effect for the vibes is a must.

like tape delays and good delays and reverbs.

any you recommend i purchase ? so long as i can use them in ableton?

unless you need Kontakt for better quality multi samples?

use your simpler. they have lots of tutorials in here where they show u how to get that piano sounds.