Sound card for laptop

hey guys

im wanting to start learning to dj using ableton live on my laptop but need a usb sound card and i was gonna hook my djm 800 up to it as my controller if you get me.

im not looking spend to much on a card tho, as i dont no if ill like it so dont wanna break the bank lol


If you are only doing this as a hobby.

You could just get a good asio driver and use your computer soundcard.

Asio4all is a good one

This would only be suitable if your are doing it as a hobby though.


Thanx for your reply, i already have aiso4all but i cant use it to connect the laptop to the djm-800 tho, or can i?

you need a soundcard.

yamaha audiogram series is pretty affordable, and will get the job done for dj’ing. honestly, the possibilities are endless.

id try to get a firewire interface off ebay for cheap, so you can get a nice fast data transfer rate out of your card.