Sound Cloud Group Register your Username here

Hey guys,

After a few recent posts about a Sound Cloud group, and who is and isn’t a member etc, may I suggest we use the following as the ‘Official’ Unofficial Sonic Academy Group.


As of yet Sound Cloud don’t allow member moderation, so anyone can join, it does however allow for moderation of tunes that make it into the group.

To this end, as it’d be good to keep it purely SA, if you are already member, or join the group, please do one of the following:

Post your Sound Cloud user name here.

PM Either myself, or Tommyt you username.

email me it directly at

The tunes that are up in the group right now we will leave for a few more days, and after that we will start trimming them back just to leave Sonic Academy members’ stuff.

Sound Cloud promise a whole bunch of new group related features in the near future, so fingers crossed we can make the group more interesting, use it for exchanging tracks, stems, ideas and remixes, all without exhausting any Sonic Academy bandwidth.

Have fun…

Yeah cool! lets wait and see then!!

this is me =)

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soon il upload the full version, i wait for copyright protection =P

Here is mine

Here’s me.

Thanks for listening!

here is mine…

sorry for the rubbish music

only got one preview.



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No tracks there yet.



will upload some tracks soon… frankiepbsnystudios

Finally got myself on SoundCloud!!

and this is me

This is mine