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Advanced ANA 2 Sound Design with King Unique

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To celebrate ANA 2’s 1st Birthday we welcome back his royal highness, and self confessed synth nerd King Unique for some majestic tips and tricks in sound design.

Over these 10 quick videos Matt shows just how deep and flexible ANA 2 can be, from giving your initial attack some bite and recreating the sound of the classic DX7 FM synth, to emulating worn out components of a vintage synth adding a ton of character to your synth lines.
We also check out some of the endless modulation options available to shape and evolve your sound, from the subtle to the downright crazy and see how we can use macros to switch between filtered tonal differences and even add swing to a modulated arp so it fits with the groove of our track.

These tutorials may be short, but they open the door to a whole world of synthesis and sound design that this awesome synth is capable of, and as Matt shows, once you start to assign different parameters to envelopes and LFO’s, who knows where it will take you?

It’s certainly a whole load of fun finding out!


nice tutorial

NICE!..loving the Loop Mod and the C-Distortion tips! Good stuff.

wow, good vsti


Good tutorial!!

Great instrument, Crazy Sound, WOW!!!

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Great Softsynth, with a lot of depth within one window! Filters are awesome!

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Great instructions!

Thank you King Unique for teh Tutorial ! :slight_smile:


Great tutorial. I wouldn’t have thought of experimenting with these elements before. Tip for Tutorial 7: try turning up the X-Fade for a slightly different character as the start and end move around.

This course really shows how good ANA is to create nice vintage sounds.

ANA 2 WoW!!!

I’m still stuck on ANA 1.5. Might be time to upgrade…

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I definitely recommend to do so yes :wink:

If you are a ANA 1.5 owner, you’re eligible to a £15 discount + ANA 2 is on sale, and presets packs as well.

Be sure to be logged in to your S.A account and check the product page for more info.

i really liked it! :slight_smile:

Great synth explained by my favorite site pro!

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